Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Finish - Memory Lane

Big Finish release 88 - Memory Lane, with Paul McGann as the Doctor, India Fisher as Charley Pollard and Conrad Westmaas as C'rizz. Written by Eddie Robson and directed by Gary Russell.

You shouldn't judge a book by a cover and I shouldn't have judged this CD by the above picture. I was expecting a weird ghost story with a spacesuit in there somewhere. Instead the Doctor and his companions find themselves on a strange street where everything seems the same but something is not quite right.

I guess my problem is that I have been listening to stories where the Eighth Doctor's companion is Mary Shelley, so jumping into the middle of a set of stories with two different characters is a bit strange. This is a perfectly good story but somehow it didn't quite grab me like some of the Big Finish releases I have been listening to recently. I'll give it a middling 2.5 out of 5 central control consoles.

However, Big Finish in general is getting a solid 5 stars from me. I had a great time at the Big Finish day and I enjoyed my six release subscription. So much so that I have renewed it for the next six releases. Next up is the Eighth back with Shelley for Army of Death. Great title!

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