Tuesday, February 28, 2012

London Super Comic-Con - day 2 - more signings

The rest of the Sunday at LSCC was spent happily browsing through the back issue boxes and completing my collections of both the 1972 Swamp Thing series and the 1974 Man-Thing. I also got a chance to meet the writer Tony Lee who wrote a fantastic Doctor Who comic called The Forgotten. He signed my first issue and pointed out that the cover artist Nick Roche was also at the IDW booth, and he signed my cover as well.

The last queue of the weekend was to meet the great artist, George PĂ©rez. I wanted to get him to sign my copy of Crisis on Infinite Earths #1. After the problems with the Brian Bolland queue on Saturday I was pleased to see that the convention staff had things better organised. They closed off the line shortly after I joined it and and announced that everybody in the line would get up to two books signed by George. They turned a lot of people away which was obviously disappointing for them, but better than having to queue for an hour only to be sent away empty handed.

Mr Perez himself was thoroughly charming, with a friendly word for everybody and handshakes and photos all round. Here he is signing my book.

And here is the book itself.

I had a fantastic time at the London Super Comic-Convention. If you get the chance to go next year you should. I'll certainly be back for more.


  1. George Perez is a gentleman's gentleman. I've met him a few times at conventions, but the first was the one that sticks with me most.

    It was Wizard World Chicago - 2001. First day in, we found his booth about an hour or so into the day, but at that point they had already cut off the line. So I knew what I was going to do the following day.

    My buddy and I sprinted right to Perez's booth on day 2 and were roughly 20th - 25th in line. At that time he was working for CrossGen and he was doing free sketches for everyone. Which meant it took us 5 hours to get up to Mr. Perez.

    But was it ever worth it. He chatted with us, signed all the plates in my Batman portfolio that came out around 1990, and Perez discussed all the hidden imagery and Easter Eggs he put into those pieces of art. And I got a Barry Allen Flash sketch from him (I asked for Flash and Perez countered with "Barry Allen or Wally West?" because he draws each one in a slightly different manner. I think he said he draws Wally with a more rounded head and Barry with a leaner one)

    And the whole time we were standing in line waiting, Perez would periodically get up and walk down the line telling us all we must be crazy to wait so long to meet him, and then he would thank us and return to his table. It was really an amazing experience.

    And that night they held the Wizard Fan Awards and Perez won for best penciller - or artist, I can't remember now - but he was unable to accept the award because he was in the lobby finishing up the sketches for those who had been in line when the staff closed the convention hall and sent everyone out.

    Being able to meet a hero of mine and have him be so generous was a definite highlight. Glad you got to meet him at LoSCoCo.


  2. He is wonderful and gives everybody who has queued to see him a good convention experience. I've met a couple of grumpy artists but people like Perez and Dave Gibbons show how it's done.