Tuesday, February 28, 2012

London Super Comic-Con Day 2 - More Stan Lee!

So day 2 of the LSCC and I had another ticket to see Stan Lee again. My brother was supposed to have come down from Darlington for the day and bring his copy of Fantastic Four #25 for Stan to sign. Unfortunately he was not able to come so I went to one of the dealers and bought a cheap copy of the FF annual #3 from 1965 and joined the Stan queue again. Once again things moved pretty quickly although I did have time for another good comics conversation with the chap I was standing next to in the queue. This time I was better prepared and got a slightly blurry photo of Stan signing the actual book.

My Sunday word for Stan was "Excelsior!" and he said it straight back at me. I read that so many times in Stan's Soap-Box articles from the comics of my childhood that it gave me an incredible thrill to hear him actually say it to me.

Here is the cover of the book Stan signed for my brother.

Well done to the organisers of LSCC for getting Stan over. It was a once in a lifetime chance to meet one of my childhood heroes and I had a great time.

Next up my final creator signings from day 2.

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