Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The 30 day British Invaders challenge

Here is another challenge that we came up with on the British Invaders Facebook page. It's a British science fiction TV challenge.

British Invaders 30 day challenge
  1. Your first programme/earliest memory
  2. Your favourite Doctor
  3. Your favourite companion
  4. Your favourite character (non Doctor Who)
  5. Your favourite show
  6. Your worst show
  7. The show that really needs to be released on DVD
  8. The best DVD set you own
  9. The most underrated show
  10. The show you don’t get but everybody else seems to love
  11. Your favourite Gerry Anderson show
  12. Your favourite spin off from a TV show
  13. Which missing Doctor Who story would you really like to be found intact?
  14. Your favourite audio drama
  15. Your favourite writer
  16. Who was the best Professor Quatermass?
  17. The show that should be rebooted/remade
  18. The show that should not have been rebooted/remade
  19. Favourite adaptation of a novel
  20. Favourite title sequence
  21. Favourite theme music
  22. Favourite villain
  23. Sexiest character
  24. The scariest or spookiest show
  25. Favourite SF comedy show
  26. Favourite children/family show
  27. Best spaceship
  28. Which missing show would you most like to see restored to the archives?
  29. Favourite alien race or planet
  30. Who would you like to play the 12th Doctor?
I'll start this one myself soon, but if you start it then post a link to your blog either here or on the Facebook page.

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