Monday, February 27, 2012

London Super Comic-Con - Day 1 - 20000AD

After the thrill of meeting Stan Lee I got my bearings in the huge convention hall. First up was a visit to the guys from the Comic Geek Speak podcast who had helped to organise the convention. I've been listening to their show since I first discovered podcasts about 5 years ago and it was great to finally meet them.

There were a few specific comic creators I wanted to meet, and I had brought along several books to get signatures. Again there were some set signing sessions that attracted fairly large queues. I was in a pretty long line to see Brian Bolland which moved very slowly, especially as the next queue to see George PĂ©rez seemed to be moving so fast. Bolland is by his own admission a rather slow artist, and it seems that the same applies to his signatures. Unfortunately several people went away disappointed as they closed the session just after I got to the front of the queue. Phew!

Here is Mr Bolland signing my 2000AD prog 225.

And here is the cover with signature:

And the double page spread inside:

The writer John Wagner (aka T.B.Grover) signed it for me at the SFX weekender earlier this month. Brian Bolland was rather taken with Wagner writing the 2012 AD date and followed suit.

I also went to the 2000AD panel where Brian Bolland, Duncan Fegredo and Jock discussed 35 years of Zarjaz covers and picked out some of their favourites. It was pretty interesting stuff, but sadly marred by rather terrible acoustics and thumping Zumba music coming from the next exhibition hall. I got to ask a question about what cover they would like to see on a British stamp. Interestingly Jock chose the image of Kraken administering his own lethal injection on Prog 669, although he admitted that it would never be approved by the Royal Mail.

Next up some more creator signings to round out the day.


  1. Excellent choice of cover to sign, and a very odd choice for a stamp!