Monday, February 27, 2012

London Super Comic-Con Day 1 - other signings

In amongst the excitement of meeting Stan Lee and some 2000AD thrill power I also met some other creators. Paul Cornell wrote a fantastic run on Captain Britain and MI-13. He has also written for Doctor Who and is currently going great guns on Demon Knights and Stormwatch, as well as having an interesting new book called Saucer Country coming up. I met him at the Big Finish day but didn't have anything for him to sign then. This time I was prepared and he kindly signed my variant cover of Cap and MI-13 #1, as well as my rather battered copy of Human Nature. And I've only just found out that he co-wrote my favourite book about the X-Files, X-Treme Possibilities. I'll have to get that one signed next time.

I managed to get Howard Chaykin, the writer and artist of American Flagg, to sign the first issue in-between him doing sketches and having a discussion about musical theatre with another guest. Somehow I found that rather incongruous for the creator of Reuben Flagg and Black Kiss but he is clearly an enthusiast about several subjects.

I missed the Bernie Wrightson signing while I was in the Brian Bolland queue but fortunately he was happy to sign books at his table in Artists' Alley. This is the first issue of the original Len Wein and Wrightson Swamp Thing from 1972. Swamp Thing was the character that got me back into American comics so getting this key issue signed was very important to me. And Mr Wrightson was absolutely charming. It's fantastic to meet these great creators and kudos to the organisers of the convention for getting so many of them to come over.

Next up is day 2 and more Stan Lee!

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